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stage/page/play is an anthology written by scholars coming from a broad range of academic backgrounds. Drawing on disciplines such as rhetoric, theology, philosophy, and anthropology, the articles all seek to explore new approaches to theatre and theatricality.    stage analyzes the theatre as a unique platform for aesthetic examinations of contemporary, cultural and political issues. page focuses on the drama text in a scenic, performative context, and on innovative dramaturgical strategies. play studies how theatricality comes into play in our everyday life in a broad popular and ritual context.     
stage/page/play is published as a festschrift to dramaturge and theatre scholar dr.phil. Bent Holm, former associate professor in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Copenhagen, in celebration of his 70th birthday.
Forfatter Ulla Kallenbach & Anna Lawaetz (eds.)
Udgave /år1 / 2016

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