Yellow Line, TR 3

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Dette er en flergangsbog til engelskundervisningen i 9. og 10. klasse.

School basketball hero Vince Hardy lives in a small village on Canada?s Pacific coastline.

He travels to school in the nearest town by bus with other white kids and children from the Indian village in the forest.

The white kids sit at the back of the bus, the Indians at the front, as if there is a yellow line dividing the bus into two separate halves.

Both sides seem to accept this division, which is mirrored in most aspects of local life.

So when Vince?s childhood friend and neighbour Sherry gets very friendly with Steve, an Indian boy, Vince is shocked at first and tries to break up the relationship - until he falls in love with Raedawn, an Indian girl.

This is the story of the stand which Vince takes in the conflict between the old prejudices of his community and his new friendships with the Indian community.

ForfatterSylvia Olsen
Udgave /år1 / 2010
ForlagEasy Readers

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