Talk about it... with every child

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Extract from foreword by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark: "This book ‘Talk about it ...’ is informative and very helpful. The illustrations and text discuss issues that might seem difficult to share with children.The book is also a tool that makes it easier for us to talk about our thoughts and feelings – and this, is so important for both children and adults." 

Every child will meet an adult who has a mental illness – either in their own family or in their friends’ families.  

This book provides children with knowledge, understanding for each other, and insight into the fact that it is never the child’s fault if adults become ill. The book is written for small children, older children, and adults, who themselves were once children. 

The first part discusses anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

The second part deals with children who are grappling with mental illness in their family.

The last part provides ideas about how we can talk with every child about difficult things and how people can become well.

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